Tino Bauer was born in Germany in 1973.
Very early he discoverd his passion for painting and art.
Since his teenager times he has been a self-educating person in arts. Later on he also started a new kind of "modern art" - drawing with the help of the computer. After graduating from highschool, Tino Bauer experimented with mixed media and started to sell his first pictures - the basis for his later independence. Since 1994 he had worked as an independent artist in Stuttgart Germany. 1998 Tino Bauer became an official member of the "Deutschen Künstlerbund" (German Artists Association).
In the year 2000 he moved into a huge loft in Stuttgart, called "Gallery Plus", where he lived an worked together with several artists.
In order to learn how to work with metal, Tino Bauer did a special schooling at "doubleHHdesign" in 2002. During this time he designed metal sculptures, completed constructions for lounge bars, clubs and discos. Later on he decided to take one step further and to professionalize his art. Tino Bauer left his "old life" behind and went to Hong Kong to become an art teacher in 2004. However, after some time he decided to pay his attention again to his own art career. Eventually, in August 2008 Tino Bauer went back to his home town "Mühlhausen/Thüringen" in Germany. On July 1st 2009 he has opened his own fist gallery called "Format 73" in Mühlhausen. The event was accompanied by a special art exhibition of his most famous works. Currently, one can find the majority of his art items all around the world in restaurants, banks, offices, numerous corporate buildings, private collectors homes, and his audience is growing bigger and bigger.